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Post 2 - First week in China

Hi guys!

So I know I haven't posted in a while. I finally got this website to work in China. I have to go through another website since it is blocked in China, as well as Facebook!
After a cancellation of my first flight in Buffalo, I finally got to China around 7.30 pm here (7.30 am EST). After the 14 hour plane ride, we had to go through a 5 hour bus ride from Shanghai to Nanjing! Along the way, we stopped at a rest stop and guess what?? There were no toilets - they were holes in the ground! Also there was no toilet paper or soap available.

The hotel is gorgeous here! The lobby is huge and beautiful! The staff are all so welcoming and almost all knew us by face when we arrived! There are 1010 staff members here at the hotel - everyone is so friendly!

There are 35 floors, 10 restaurants (bars and lounges included), 492 rooms and some clothing stores. They are also building an additional building - 57 floors, 400 rooms, stores, rec centers, restaurants!

Including me, there are 5 other interns. I think we have a very good group here and it will be a fun 5 months!

The past week has been pretty busy. Yesterday and today we had orientation and it will be continued on Thursday. We are learning how to properly interact with the guests, the hotel itself and phrases that will help me communicate to the guests in Chinese. Last night was a banquet and a dinner in our honor and that was a lot of fun. We ate at one of the restaurants in the hotel and had a 9-course meal! We were all drinking wine and it is tradition for the Chinese to do cheers continuously during the dinner, so I probably had 4 glasses of wine! Also the phrase "Gambe" is similar to our "Bottom's up" - there was a lot of that going on last night!

The culture is so different from the US but similar too! They actually have WalMart here and I have been twice already. Outside of the hotel are other high rise buildings and at night they light up and have designs on them, so it makes me think of Times Square! The annoying difference is that it is so hot here! Today I think it was only 86 but it felt like 95 and there is no humidity, so it is all dry heat which makes it worse!

Last night the girls and I went to all get massages - we got Chinese massages which were different from normal ones, but they felt amazing!

Well I think I will sign off now and you can all ask me more about my trip if you want! Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital here along with the other interns and get health exams! wish me luck!

Love from China,


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Post 1 - pre-China

Hey guys!

I know you all know me - Blair Andrews, junior at Purdue University majoring in an awesome major:Hospitality and Tourism Management! I will be in Nanjing, China for the next 5 months working at the Jinling Hotel. Look it up online - it looks beautiful!
Well I am writing this blog, because even though I have Skype now (Facebook me if you want my name!), it is a 12 hour difference between here and China and I won't be able to talk to all of you and tell you about my (hopefully) awesome time! I hope you enjoy my blog and I try to post every week, if not every few days!
So I figured I would write my first entry now before I leave for China. I have lots of things to do before I go and the next 3 days are going to be hectic!
I am so raring to go, but I'm also nervous. My first position at the hotel is working at one of the 10 restaurants (yeh they have 10..can't wait to try them out!!) and I have never worked at a restaurant, so I have no idea what to expect!! Obviously I am also nervous about learning the language - sooooo different from any others I know!!
It's weird that I leave in just a few days - I have been waiting to go for ~8 months (November 1) when I got my acceptance letter. It feels surreal but also amazing, incredible, awesome, exciting (insert a gazillion more adjectives here) all at the same time.
I am going on my last shopping trip tomorrow and then have to start packing - 2 bags fly free!! Hopefully I won't need 2 big suitcases, but we shall see! I leave Thursday from Buffalo at 7.30am and should get the Shanghai around 7:30 Friday evening!! Then I have a 3 hour drive to the hotel in Nanjing...oh well.
So, I think I will say goodbye and I hope you continue to read my blog!

Love from Buffalo,


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