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Hey all!

So sorry I haven't written in a while! As you all know I am now home. I got home on the 23rd of November.

Here: as my last post I will write about my last few days in China. They were very fun!

On Friday, we went to two places: NITH and Jinling Riverside Hotel. At NITH (Nanjing Institute of Tourism and Hospitality), the other interns and I "graduated" from our Chinese class. It was low-key, which was good and it was fast. Usually at the school, there would be 20 students waiting to greet us, but this time there were only 2 students and some teachers. We got certificates for passing Elementary Chinese and little gifts from the school. We also sang "Brother John" in Chinese and listened to the two students sing their school song! That was interesting.
After the "graduation", we got in the car and drove straight over to the Jinling Riverside Hotel. This was where we had our farewell party with our trainers at the Jinling Hotel. The party was a lot of fun. We had a 12 course meal - one of the courses was actually Shark Fin Soup! It was delicious! Well anyways, we ate and drank a lot and then gave speeches. We also went on a tour of the hotel grounds - so nice! The hotel had 5 villas, which actually looked like American suburban homes! They were really neat with 10 rooms, dining room, kitchen, KTV room and lots of bathrooms. We also got to see some other rooms - superior, executive suites, residential suites, etc. Very neat hotel!
Also at the party, we were presented with gifts from the employees, and we gave a gift to the hotel and some of the employees. I got some very cool gifts - brocade scarves, fans, pencil case, ancient Chinese presents, and more. We also did KTV at the party, which was definitely fun to watch!

Saturday morning, Kyle, Jared, and I accompanied some boys from Concierge to a town called Lishi, about an hour and a half away from the hotel. There we saw a temple, which was really big with lots of statues in it. The person who maintains the temple actually lives there - in one of the bedrooms, there was a Plasma screen TV!!! Lol...well that was ironic. The temple was cool, but I had definitely seen enough temples in China before this one.
After the temple, we went to the Jinling Hotel Organic Vegetable Plantation. That was really cool to see - it proves that the vegetables at the hotel were actually organic. We got to try some cucumbers that had just been grown. The cucumber was actually pretty good!
Anyways, then we went to a restaurant in a mountain area. I didn't really eat, but I think every one had a lot of fun and the food looked okay.
Overall the day was fun and eventful.

On Monday, after a tearful goodbye to the employees at the Jinling Hotel, 4 of the other interns and I left with Teresa Shan to go to Shanghai. We spent the night in a hotel by the Pudong airport, so we could be close for our flight in the morning. Unfortunately, we were late for the flight....

So on Tuesday, we woke up around 8 am and left the hotel around 9am. We got to the airport ready for the flight at 9.15am. Our itineraries had said the flight was leaving at 11.15am. However, when we got to the Delta desk, the manager there told us that we had missed the check-in time and that the flight was at 10.10am. We showed him our itineraries and he said that he didn't know why our itineraries said our flight was leaving at 11.15. So we begged the man to let us on since the flight wasn't leaving for an hour. Unfortunately, he was a jerk and said no. He wouldn't let us do the emergency check-in, check-in without our bags, tell the plane to hold for us, etc. Like I said, he was a jerk!! Teresa also argued with him and he eventually turned to her and said, "You are Chinese! You should be on our side, not theirs!" This was blatant nationalism right there. I couldn't believe he would say that!
Well after trying to call the main manager down to the desk, which they would not do, and after waiting until the plane left, 2 ladies came and helped us finally. They booked us on a 12:00 China Eastern flight to JFK Airport in NYC. So we eventually arrived in the US around 1.15pm USA time. I then flew home to Buffalo at 5pm. After a very eventful day, I arrived home and went to sleep!

Well since I've been back, I have pretty much just been hanging around my house, watching tv, reading my book and really doing nothing. It's nice not having to work, though I do miss working in the front office at the hotel.

Also since I have been back, I have found out that I have Salmonella poisoning. In mid-October, I had had stomach pains, and they have continued since I have been back. I went to the doctor and they told me I had contracted Salmonellosis. Thankfully, it is not too bad but it does make the person have stomach aches and not be hungry to eat. Also I am now on antibiotics, so I will be fine soon!

Anyways, I had a lot of fun for the past 5 months. There were ups and downs, twists and turns, but eventually it all ended well. I will miss all the friends I have made at the hotel and I hope to keep in contact with them via Skype, Facebook or QQ. I also hope to return to Nanjing in 2013, when the new Jinling will be complete! I hope this happens!

Working at the hotel has taught me that I definitely want to work in the field of hospitality after graduation from Purdue. However, I do not want to work in China. It is just not the place for me!

Well, I will be saying goodbye now. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Unfortunately, since I am no longer traveling and this is a travel blog, there is no point to keep this blog. So I will not be writing any more posts.


Blair Andrews

Posted by andrewsb 12:46

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