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Two Saturdays ago (the day after the NITH visit), I went to Yangzhou with the training department at the hotel and the other interns. Yangzhou is a city about two hours away to the west of Nanjing. It is really famous for the local food there and is very pretty. It was completely different from Nanjing. It is a city, but right in the middle of the city, there are housing developments. In Nanjing, everyone lives in apartments, but these were actual houses! i thought that was interesting to see.
Well anyways, we got to Yangzhou around 10am and went to a area called "Slender Lake" - it was really a park with a river in it. It was nice to walk around there and not have to see some famous thing in there, like the Yangzhou temple....what I mean is, it was relaxing just to walk around and see some things without having to focus on that one thing for a long time..lol...So we walked around the park for a while and then went to lunch. We went to the Jinling Hotel in Yangzhou (Jinling Holdings has more than 50 hotels throughout China..not sure of the actual number and this was one of them) and had lunch in a private room and then were taken on a tour to see some of their rooms. For lunch we had a 13 course meal!!! All of the portions were small, but I was so full after! It was so good - my favorite course was a bean curd (tofu) soup..I usually do not like this but the way the tofu was cut made it taste delicious.
After lunch and the tour, we went to a pagoda and a garden. Check out the pictures of those.
Overall the day was fun and I really enjoyed going to a new city.


For a week and a half I worked in Pacific Bar and Grill, an Italian restaurant in the Jinling Hotel. The food there is expensive but so good! Gnocchi pesto with green beans = deliciousy goodness!
Working in Pacific was fun but it was boring too..there were never many customers in the restaurant, so we would just have to stand around and wait for some to come. I ended up bringing my book the past few days and just sat in the back when there was nothing for me to do. My job was to set the table, make the bread for the customers and....well that was really all! At least the staff was really nice, otherwise I would have been ready to kill myself! aaahhh!!


For the internship we each get 12 credits: 2 for internship credit (HTM 302), 6 for Chinese classes, and 4 for an independent study. My independent study was for the concierge department at the hotel. The topic I am doing my project on is: How to improve the working efficiency in the concierge department. It has to be 16-20 pages, of which I have about 11 pages done. Thankfully, it is not due for 2 weeks! lol..We also have to do a 30 minute power point presentation on our research. I am really nervous for that because I have to present to some very important people at the hotel and also Dr. Cai who admitted me to the program! He is going to be very strict with his grading!!!
In my project, I am compiling suggestions for the concierge department for making it better and their work more efficient. Some of the suggestions I have written about were babysitting services, interpreters, buying guidebooks to sell to guests and many others. I also have some information from the former Director of Front Office, Catherine Hua who is currently at Purdue and will be there doing research for the hotel until January; as well as information from the Buffalo Marriott and Hyatt. I think they gave me some good stuff to use for the paper and hope that everyone at the Jinling appreciates the work that I do on this paper! Wish me luck!!!


Yesterday we went back to NITH and made dumplings and spring rolls with some of the tourism and food service students. It was so much fun and everything was delicious! I now know how to make dumplings!! This will definitely come in handy, because when I go back to the states, I will be craving them!
Yesterday was also my first day in concierge where I will be for the next two months, as it is my emphasis for this internship.

Well, finally that is all. Next time, I will only have one post, and I will not wait to write for 2 weeks! Check out the Beijing pictures and other pictures I have taken!

Love from China,

An Bi Liu (Blair Andrews)

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